Dr. Donna Bartlett is available to speak at your health care programs whether it is professionally for CEUs or for a local health consumer audience. Donna has been speaking locally, nationally, and internationally for over 15 years. Donna specializes in geriatrics, polypharmacy, deprescribing, fall prevention, and a host of other health topics.

Microphone in front of people

what people are saying

“After attending Dr. Donna Bartlett’s presentation, I worked with my doctors and was able to drop 4 medications from my list!”

– Bert B, Healthcare Consumer

"Something I already know but have trouble getting to in the business of the day. I know this is very important, thanks for the common scenarios. "

Healthcare Provider

"So important to share this over and over again."

Healthcare Provider

"I have better strategies available now to reduce polypharmacy."

Healthcare Provider

"(I) agreed with everything she said- do want to pursue using anitcholinergic burden scoring in EPIC and hardwiring pharmacy reviews on patients with falls"

Healthcare Provider

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