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September: Healthy Aging Month!

Sep 28, 2021 | WELLhood Blogs | 0 comments

As we close out the month of September, let’s think about what the month provides for us. September is Healthy Aging Month! Who wishes to not age well? I think we all want the best life we can have, and health is a big part of that.

Fall brings us a time to reflect on our health and to keep healthy. It’s also a time to “winterize” at least in the northern states, such as New England. We put our gardens to bed, prepare for snow, cold, ice, and insulate our homes. Storm windows slide into place. Winter coats, sweaters, and boots find their way to the forefront of our closets. Shovels are ready and snow-throwers are checked and started. Quite a checklist is necessary to start in the fall to be ready for whenever the snow may arrive!

With that said, we can look at our medications and other healthy aging practices to help close out the month of Healthy Aging! What are you prepping for? A clean-up of your medications? Exercise, movement, and balance training indoors? Socializing more as we come out from COVID slowly, to engage again with family and friends you haven’t seen?

To do these many activities, keeping your medications in check is an important step. I have added a checklist to the templates to help you prepare for healthy aging with appropriate and optimal medication ideas. Click on the Templates option above to see the checklist and other helpful templates.

Continue to read my blog each week as we look at what each month brings for awareness and how to optimize medications to continue to age well. Above all stay Wise & Well!

The checklist is also available here: Deprescribe_Optimize_Checklist_WISE and WELL with Donna Bartlett


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