Happy Holidays from WISE & WELL

Dec 21, 2022 | WELLhood Blogs | 0 comments

Thank You!

First and foremost-Thank you for your interest in Deprescribing!


Here’s an update to the website and a bit more about me!

*I have been busy spreading the word about DEPRESCRIBING. Speaking with geriatrician groups, insurance companies, students, and older adults! I have provided talks at senior centers, book shops, and book clubs, as well as community teas. Its been wonderful meeting folks and talking about optimizing medications for better health! I look forward to spreading the word in 2023! Contact me if you are interested in having me at a program, book club, or tea, either in person or ZOOM!

*I have branched out a bit and have an educational channel on deprescribing for pharmacists on RPhAlly! This is an exciting venue where pharmacists can explore how to grow and be supported in their careers. Come take a look at https://rphally.com .

*Pharmacy students are engaged in writing blogs for the WISE & WELL website. I look forward to posting more of their works soon! If you are interested in posting a guest blog- whether its a deprescribing story or concept, please reach out!

Be MedStrong!

Give yourself, or a caregiver you know, a gift this season to unwrap and engage in the process of deprescribing! Get the book: MedStrong: Shed Your Meds for a Better, Healthier You- Aging Well through Deprescribing. You can purchase your own copy through this website or through your favorite bookstore. The e-book is also available. Ask your local library to purchase the book-let them know its available through IngramSpark!

*Start the conversations on health during the holidays by asking- How many meds have you shed?

Wishing you all Happy, Healthy, WISE & WELL holidays!



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